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Chinese medicine should advocate science abandon impetuous, let the people trust of medicine product


In 2012, the per capita GDP was $5414,the rural residents engel's coefficient was 39.3% and urban residents is about 35%. According to the FAO standard, China has cross off fairly well-off and run the way to the rich.

According to maslow's demand theory, hundreds of millions of ordinary people are bound to from the past to "eat good wear well" physiological demand, rising demand for the safety of the life.

People hope to get rid of the disease,and have a health and happy life.

Rational allocation of medical resources, and providing high-quality medical services for the people, become a major event in the national economy and people's livelihood naturally.

The pharmaceutical industry developed rapidly. Pharmacy can be seen everywhere, and medicine is various. Medicines and health products ads, and cure-all medicine emerge in endlessly.

The value of the life and the lack of medical knowledge, people believe advertising more than scientific .

However, after eating stars endorsement advertising medicine, found that the curative effect is not so magical as described in advertising and people gradually become vacant! Seeking truth from facts, over the years, medical management of countries really bother, and the comrades of safety department work hard all the day.

Enforcing GMP of production management, each pill boxes mark the regulatory code, and even will monitor the camera directly into the workshop. A barrage of drug safety management documents issued, make enterprise overwhelmed.

I dare say, in China there is no one industry such as pharmaceutical industry, and bated and cared as the parents by the government. I guess, there is no the second country's government in the world that would be so bother to discipline pharmaceutical factory.By rights,under such a regulatory system, China's pharmaceutical factory should be the most safe! But that is not the truth.

From Qiqihar second pharmaceutical factory ineffectively drugs to huayuan xinfu fake drugs, from the poisoned capsule to heparin, step by step pull down the drug safety efforts of dominoes, again to challenge the majority of the people's psychological bottom line of the Chinese medicine trust , you can not help but ask "we really depend on unreliable Chinese medicine industry"? How to answer this question?

Look from the number, China is the world's superpower medicine first. There are 4700 pharmaceutical production enterprises, and 188000 drug approval number, chemical medicine for 121000 of them. Each approval can be derived from multiple packaging specifications, and the theory of the Chinese medicine market circulation drugs are up to 500000. China has a population of 1.36 billion, and medical consumption is power naturally. As the coverage gradually expanding, pharmaceutical production and sales are also constantly expanding fermentation. It is predicted that during the twelfth five-year market will still be with two digit growth.

From a quality point of view, China is the weak of modern medicine. Quite apart from the ancestor of Chinese medicine, only discuss established in modern medicine and pharmacology of western medicine, chemical medicine and biological medicine. In addition to 1965 synthetic crystalline bovine insulin is half Chinese invention, why say half one? P chain and G chain structure of Bovine insulin is first found by British biochemist sanger in 1948 , and to gain the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1958.

So far, we have no own invention biological medicine on real significance. As for the chemical medicine, in 121000 approval number, there is no real Chinese medicine original innovation, except a western import. So for a long time, it was called western medicine, just close this year was called chemical medicine. More sadly, 121000 generic drugs, for the most part is not international standard generic drugs, but Chinese generic drugs.

The 2007 revision of the drug registration management approach, prior to the enforcement of the generic drug approval process is quite extensive. Quality standard design brief, only a few due to simple index of the laboratory testing, can truly reflect the effect of the bioavailability of consistency evaluation which is blank for a long time.Under such a system, each drug firms can declare "slavish" generic drugs, as a result, Chinese generic drugs and generic drugs "seems to god from the plot, there is quite a fake".

From the surface of the packaging, manuals, tablets, they also do not have different, in fact, the curative effect is a far cry from. Although nothing happened to have the medicine, but also do not have any effect. Industry evaluation, generic drugs in China, a considerable number of drug belongs to "safe but invalid" or "safe but I don't how effective". Especially the problem in tablet and capsule become more prominent. So, we should have the courage to admit the weakness in western medicine. Shame-awareness after to courageous.

The party central committee under the state council, insight into the threat of the country's drug safety hazard, formulate the history's first "national drug safety twelfth five-year plan", put forward "the implementation of the national drug standards improve action plan". In five years all planning requirements, chemicals, biological products at or near the international standard. Goal is to drug safety level and people's safety satisfaction significantly increased. Earlier this year, food and drug administration of the state issued a "generic quality consistency evaluation scheme". The plan calls for, the national essential drugs should be first. China generic quality ascension into the train times.

Experts and leaders, my experience is that it is true China does not yet have chemical medicine original ability, but on the generic drugs, can rely on the scientific method, combined with the quality raw materials in China, the operator skills, management expertise, actual situation, developed the performance is the same as the original drugs beyond generic drugs, and the price is more appropriate.

The first drug firm's owners and managers should change the way of thinking. Abandon t to operate impetuous mentality that "the dream to coin money overnigh "for a long time. Exploding superstition on gossip type drug advertising, advocating science, meticulous, keep improving the product development and process improvement. Make every piece of medicine a good-looking and good-eating, rather than the mountain bamboo shoots.

Query from us, Original, s 100 mg of aspirin enteric-coated metformin hydrochloride, and worship of aspirin quality consistency evaluation, may be the first in the 520 national essential drugs. Hope that we can bring a little enlightenment to the industry colleagues, also hope to provide a wisp of warm meaning for drug safety management.

We firmly believe that, under the party central committee's and the food and drug administration's correct leadership and overall planning, the medical people will work hard together in five years, completely change the backwardness of the Chinese generic drugs. Chinese medicine's historical transformation from imitation to the original innovation must be able to come ture, catch up with the world advanced level in the near futurel.

We pursue, “made in China” of drugs has the world's tallest - the level of the changbai mountain tianchi lake, changbai mountain as white as the snow of the quality, curative effect, be like the water of tianchi clear more like god nine dock with the tiangong 1 reliable security.

I have a dream that one day, my daughter said to me "Dad, I will eat your drugs"!

                                                                                                              Original group chairman, Dr Wei Guoping

                                                                                                                              On October 17, 2013

                                                                                                     at the Beijing international convention center in the morning