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Original wind warning platform has a patent


A few days ago, original just wind warning platform project has been put forward to the state intellectual property office of the patent application, patent application no. : 201310258171 X.

Original wind warning platform has been passed by the national energy administration organization "wind turbines lubrication and wear condition diagnosis early warning platform" project of national identification results in April this year. The platform is developed jointly by original company and a military academy, have adopted the most advanced information processing technology of the many military alert. Wind warning platform adopts "exsanguinate assay principle" commonly used in medical, if comparing the lubricating oil to fan gear box "blood", then really, early warning technology is medically "blood tests", through the analysis of the performance of lubricating oil change and its wear particles to carry information, diagnosis of gear lubrication and wear condition, thus to establish a reliable information bridge between wind turbine condition monitoring and maintenance management.

The wind early warning platform has a very high economic value for the operating maintenance of the national wind turbines. Wind field operators can monitor, diagnosis, early detect potential major accidents through the platform of wind turbines running state,make maintenance in advance, to avoid major breakdown caused by the shutdown overhaul, can save at least 10 billion yuan for the current wind power industry in the later period maintenance.