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Original competiting the third party of Wind power lubricating oil


Original as the first fan gear lubricating oil production in China, and China's only master lubricant core raw material industry well-known strong brand, over the years, provide mining, machinery, wind power, total synthesis, such as high-end lubricating oil products of the ship for huolinhe coal mine, shenyang blower group, sany electric co., dalian port, zhenjiang shipyard and other famous enterprises respectively. Up to now, the reporter interviewed the Original group chairman Mr Wei Guoping, had interviewed the perspective of the development of the present domestic lube oil fan market in depth.

Reporter: Original lead low-carbon chemicals, ecological friendly lubricating oil production, now, what are our main products, used in power of wind turbines?

Wei Guoping: the main products are fully synthetic engine oil mainly automotive, industrial, Marine, aviation, high-end lubricating oil and special oil chemicals, wind power application in the field of the wind generator power PAO fully synthetic engine oil production equipment and technology of the international leading level.

Reporter: last year on the 7th international Wind energy conference, wei is always proposed augie na wind warning platform, after more than a year of time, at present, the wind has passed appraisal of achievement of national early warning platform, and have been made to the state intellectual property office of patent application, wei always, in the construction of wind power in the process of early warning platform, what difficulties we met, what are the innovation in technology? Wind warning platform operation of wind turbines has the advantage of which a few respects?

Wei Guoping: wind warning platform is developed jointly by Origina chemical l company and a military academy, have adopted many of the military alert the most advanced information processing technology. Wind warning platform adopts "exsanguinate assay principle" is commonly used in medical, if compared the lubricating oil to fan gear box "blood", then to diagnose early warning technology is medically "blood tests", through the analysis of the performance of lubricating oil change and its wear particles to carry information, diagnosis of gear lubrication and wear condition, thus in wind turbine condition monitoring and maintenance management to establish a reliable information bridge between. Construction of wind power wind turbine has a operation and maintenance of the national early warning platform high economic value. Wind field operators can through the platform of wind turbines running state monitoring, diagnosis, and early detection of potentially significant problems, made maintenance repair to advance, to avoid major breakdown caused by the shutdown overhaul, can save at least 10 billion yuan for the current wind power industry in the later period maintenance.

Reporter: now, you put forward 5 million yuan heavily for wind power lubricating oil sales manager, why so hired at a handsome salary? Hiring in this heavily behind what you want to bring for the enterprise marketing idea, to exploit new market?

Wei Guoping: at present, China's wind turbine lube oil market has formed three forces, the two large companies mobil, shell monopoly market over the years, he was also gradually into the fan in the oil industry, three major brands in the near future will occupy the lubricating oil market. And eventually divided depends on the core competitive elements, namely high viscosity PAO, who mastered the technology r&d and manufacture of high viscosity PAO, who is the lifeblood of a control of the wind motor lubricating oil quality and cost, who will win the race to get a bigger "under heaven". Examined for this purpose, the company hired at a handsome salary, the sales manager candidates, several deputy mayor and other senior government officials, want to use the advanced marketing idea and marketing ideas, and he was the absolute price and local service advantages, gradually split mobil and shell is currently occupy the big and get the biggest piece of cake, make he takes up the whole lubricating oil market share of 50%.

Reporter: wei founded total 27 augie, after nearly 20 years of development, he was the strength of the well-known brand has become China's oil industry, oil leading enterprises in liaoning province, the establishment, to survive, to the development of enterprises from different periods have different development goals and management way, excuse me, in the enterprise management, wei always what experience and method? Enterprises in the next few years, and even for a longer period of time, original was the development goal of is what?

Wei Guoping: the future competitive situation of wind power lubricating oil will be mobil relying on his PAO and brand advantage in the aspect of industrial lubricants, at higher prices continue to hold China's wind power lubricating oil market.original, will be the absolute price and local service advantages, gradually split mobil and shell is currently occupy the big birthday cake and get the biggest piece. Compared to shell and exxon mobil, neither has technical advantages, compared with us, he also lost its price advantage, to the survival of so its share of the market will be more and more small. My theory is that China's wind power lubricating oil three day coming soon, he will occupy 50%, 40% mobil, shell, 10%.

We are a national enterprise, do first national enterprise, after doing the enterprise of the world. With the interests of the whole society as the core is a firm goal of the company.

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