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Original group shenyang development zone, the first worker basketball game in the first game victory


On September 18, 2013, original group participated in the federation of trade unions organized by shenyang economic and technological development zone of the first worker basketball competitions, competitors have sany heavy industry, such as the broad group, brilliance BMW industry team. original group's first game against is innovate paper, in which the entire original people shows the strong competitive power, with the outstanding physical quality and the perfect game, eventually won by a large margin, obtained the good start of the season. On the splendid stolen, ginobli, blocked shots, jumper, across the dribbling and shooting distance not only presents a rich visual feast for the audience, original people up and down in the game at the same time, cooperation, and the level, race out of style, set up a complementary skills, learning platform, fully shows the original people unity upward spirit.

Competition game will continue, will be cruel, finally original person is strong, has been more suspense, in staff development zone 2013 basketball contest, please look!