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Originals group won the worker basketball league in the shenyang economic and technological developm


On September 27th, a.m 11:20. as Original group and Belgium bekaert shenyang company final gong sounded, federation of trade unions at the first shenyang economic and technological development zone of worker basketball league. Original group crown, Bekaert was second, Tingyi (master kong) company to third place. In development zone,coming from the government, enterprises and institutions with a total of 28 teams, nearly 300 people attend the first league.

Five rounds, 24 games were conducted. Original group basketball team to a 77-37, 71-31, 66-27 over Taiwan unified respectively, Sanyi hevey industry and Dingyi semi-finals, eventually to a 64-45 bekaert won the champion!

The basketball court, in a burst of applause the audience, the players struggle, understanding each other. Their agile skill, excellent shooting, will the atmosphere to a climax after another. Otc cheerleading is enthusiastic, community residents and the cheers of the enterprise employees, Shouting loud, the atmosphere is very active. Aged 49, Original group chairman Dr Wei Guoping buzzer-beaters 3-pointers won applauses.