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Original group pharmaceutical company deputy general manager May 1 labor medal winner comrade Wang Y


In May 2013,Original group pharmaceutical company deputy general manager comrade Wang Ying won the honorary title of TieXi May 1 labor medal and awarded TieXi May 1 labor medal certificates, by the federation of trade unions in shenyang, shenyang economic development zone of the federation of trade unions.

The investigation of General secretary is to carry out fall into Beijing internship on April 28, and a model's important speech spirit, further build respect labor model, care model in the whole society, good atmosphere of learning from a model, vigorously carry forward the excellent quality of the Chinese working class and labor model of dedication, further stimulate broad worker foothold official duty, were the first to fight for their superior, to achieve the grand goal of the party in the eighteenth big task in underdeveloped. According to all the other word [2013] no. 5 documentation requirements, province total ministry of economic affairs (do) model and the job will tour in 2013 during the "11" organization model workers and advanced workers and excellent union cadres into Beijing investigation study and communication

Abide by "the creation of national industry brands, for the national living standards improve industry contribution to the people" of the promise, is the unremitting pursuit of original group pharmaceutical co., LTD. "To your health, my task", this sentence will encourage original's health as own duty, continuous.