The first domestic PAO synthetic lubricants

Poly a- olefin (PAO) is a kind of synthetic base oil, the most commonly used synthetic lubricating oil base oil, with the most widely used range. PAO is composed of 1 – decene from

ethylene oligomerization, generated by catalytic oligomerization and the hydrogenation saturation. Due to the high purity of raw materials 1-decene , catalyst activity and selectivity, controlling of process condition strictly, the properties of PAO products are much better than that of mixed olefin by wax cracking and fractionation.

The structure of PAO is endowed with many outstanding properties different from mineral oil, mainly in the viscosity index, excellent low temperature properties and low volatile, so it is widely applied to automotive lubricants and industrial oil, by improving the low-temperature fluidity, fuel economy, oxidation resistance, shear stability and reduced volatile, to enhance the performance of the equipment. The salient features of the PAO is a low pour point, the third kind of base oil is much better than that of the low temperature fluidity, fan gear box environment under the condition of the low temperature viscosity demanding system, PAO status is irreplaceable.

PAO synthetic oil is the best performant lubricant oil in the world, has the best performance in lubrication, wear, sealing, cooling, cleaning performance, is mainly used for wind generator, military aircraft, ships, luxury cars, steel rolling equipment, food and pharmaceutical equipment, special lubricating oil production.

By the end of 2005, Original took the lead in the domestic independent research and development of "production process of oil and total synthesis of PAO", by the national development and Reform Commission identified as "full synthetic oil Chinese production base", the national development and Reform Commission officially approved the Shenyang Original Chemical Co., the company contracted China first total synthesis of PAO lubricating oil production base of the Treasury bond projects, and was approved for the second batch special treasury bond projects in Liaoning area industrial base adjustment, this will stop the history of this field monopolized by the international brand in recent 30 years.

Chinese PAO Initiative

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