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Shenyang Original Chemical Co. LTD is the oldest private enterprises of lubrication in china.It was founded in 1991 by Dr Wei Guoping ever studying abroad in France. The headquarters is sited in shenyang. Original is based on research and development of synthetic oil, production and sales, technical services and applications , research and development. Original is an integrated green low carbon chemical company with ecological friendly lubricants. Original has the laboratory with international leading level, nearly 200 employees, including about 60 R&D and technical talents. Wind power generation lubricating oil by company independent research and development was authenticated first in the domestic by German Flemish certification in 2009 which further improve Original the influence of clean energy.

Original acquire continuously several national projects which are the top grade car brake oil pilot plant approved by the national development and reform commission, the national PAO lubricating oil production base, the waste lubricating oil regeneration project, th national spark program project, the Liaoning province of Overseas expert team project. At the same time,Original jointly built the production, study, and research base with the domestic famous dalian university of technology, northeastern university, Chinese academy of sciences, lanzhou institute of Chemistry, and other institutions of higher learning institutes. Truly apply the science and technology, independent research and development in the effect.

Original, It is the transliteration of the origina with rich connotation. Original has the meaning of pristine、primal、independent and innovition. On behalf that at the beginning of the research and development, Original company was respect for life, pay attention to environmental protection, pursuit the innovation. Original serve China lubricant market from its establishment by the idea of loving the earth, loving the life, loving the innovation.


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