Love The Earth

With the increasing frequency of natural disasters and the intensifying of the climate crisis, the international community began to our current life and development model for deep thoughts, advocacy of "low-carbon living", reduceing mainly carbon dioxide emissions of greenhouse gases has become the consensus of all people. Human ushered in "low energy consumption, low pollution, low emission" on the basis of low carbon era.

As China's low carbon green chemical industry leader and advocate, original chemical industry in low carbon environmental protection, the way of sustainable development has been active in practice, And has made gratifying achievements, on the occasion of arrival of low carbon era seize the development opportunities.

We use reasonable resources, making originally waste of waste lubricating oil regeneration, to realize the recycling of resources,and we make everyone shout dozen of cooking oil into lubricating oil, we has opened up a new train of thought for cooking oil outlet, making more available vegetable oil, we saved oil resources greatly.

We insist on energy conservation and emissions reduction with environmental protection raw material to produce pollution-free and low energy consumption of lubricating oil products, Our production process are all made of independent research and development of green technology, from the source to ensure the products of low energy consumption really, Especially the wind power research and development of lubricating oil products successfully, in the development of clean energy has far-reaching significance,too.

As a socially responsible company, Original will continue to advocate energy conservation and environmental protection, developing green chemical industry, decreasing pollution, reducing energy consumption, penetrateing the concept of sustainable development into every link of enterprise development.

In the face of worsening ecological environment, We are not helpless, as a common people, We can start from ourself, we can choose the life way of low carbon and saving energy, the green environmental protection product and choose to be supporter and advocater of energy conservation and environmental protection, and make "overwhelmed" earth take on an altogether new aspect, let its beauty blossom again!


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