Original, chemical power, China's defence

War industry group was founded at the beginning of is to help Chinese defense of dreams, is mainly for our fighter aircraft, ships, armoured vehicles and other modern weapons to provide exclusive product. Division since its inception, the use of its own development advantages, actively learn from experience at home and abroad, is now developed into a aviation hydraulic oil, gear oil, aviation, aviation lubricating oil, hydraulic oil in gun, and multiple varieties of lubricating oil, its products meet military specifications and world standards of similar lubricating oil products.

As of today, the military industry group development still emerge in endlessly. For example: after he was research and development of green chemical industry co., LTD. And he's department, the joint efforts of a normal when - 70 ℃ can be used by the synthetic lubricating oil developed. The synthetic lubricating oil can be used as a plane special lubricating oil of raw material, can ensure that the plane flew in cryogenic environment start flying.

In the future, shenyang original will closely follow in the footsteps of national defense construction, power defence, help China!

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