The first brand of Chinese fan of lubricating oil

Original, total synthesis of SHG wind power China's whole process of the lubricating oil fan, whether coastal or inland, both cold and heat, even in the more demanding work environment, original SHG series products will escort the smooth running of fan for you.

Original series products of SHG PAO total synthesis special lubricating oil for the first domestic wind power equipment certified by Flemish wind lubricating oil, not only won a wide recognition wind power growth box manufacturers, has passed the field practice verification, systemic tests showed that he was the total synthesis of SHG wind lubricating oil for its excellent micro pitting corrosion resistance, excellent anti-foam ability and good material compatibility (inner coating, sealing ring, sealing ring) etc, and can completely normal for China's wind power equipment run efficiently, reduce unplanned downtime and reduce maintenance cost, etc. Provide technical support.


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