Million car-owners

A letter to China millions of owners

Dear China billionaire owner:

In recent years, the domestic lube oil market competition is increasingly fierce, the lube oil enterprises are improving the service level, pathway precision, and fine management market, but ignoring the most major problem, which is direct dialogue with the owner. Original chairman Dr. Wei Guoping had put forward the design that Original need to send "two letter", one is to sent to distributors directly, another letter should be sent to car owners.

In order to directly face owners, to be able to use PAO full synthetic oil really, in 2010, Original founded the Taobao flagship shop, which is the earliest to enter the brand lubricants in the network era. In order to let more friends know Original synthetic lubricants, Original specializes in the development of SM, SN level "Awesome Synthetic Lubricating Oil" and SN "Blue Dream" synthetic lubricants, specifically for the network. Since the shop established, Awesome Synthetic Lubricating Oil sales unpopular and rave reviews in Tmall flagship store, from the sales of 30 barrels each month in 2010 to more than 1000 barrels each month up to now, these numbers make original people feel happy.

Since then, Original Awesome oil is also called as the value of the "oil god" by the fashionable young owners. Along with Original Tmall flagship store unpopular sales, let more friends more intuitive understand and feel Original, Original synthetic lubricants also went up to millions car owners, with the car owners on the road to happiness. In order to make the majority of the owners more directly to find Original awesome synthetic lubricants, Original opened a lubricating oil flagship store in the mall Jingdong. The link of Original network of two shops can enable you to experience the true PAO synthetic oil. Dear friends, don't wait, come on!

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