Enterprise performance

1991-1995  the factory set up in June 24, 1991

In may 1992, Huolinhe coal mine,the largest open-pit mine in China,selected five brand products from the import and domestic brands for driving test for six month. After the test,Original’s antifreeze was used to the import heavy truck as the only available domestic products.

In May 1993, Original signed formally the technical agreement providing SE/CC10W 30 oil and GL - 5-80w of special gear oil for xiali, tianjin automobile industry corporation.

In October 1993, Dalian Port issued officially the document choosing Original’s antifreeze and brake fluid for the designated substitution for the port import machinery replacing of the importing products.

In October 1993, Original realized the special antifreeze coolant localization for the electronic cooling system at Liaoning TV tower.

In November 1993, the State Economic Trade Commission assigned formally Original for the luxury car’s brake fluid industrial test base, and invested 9 million yuan to build the procuctive system of DOT3, DOT4 brake fluid with 3000 tons annually.

In may 1994, Zhungeer Coal Company with 20 million ton’s capacity selected officially Original antifreeze as the only assigned product of large efficency engine, and received Caterpillar chief engineer's approval.


In April 1998, "Original" has become the first domestic certification of lubricating oil production plants for German company daimler-benz .

At the end of 1998,Original’s SJ level oil successfully complete supporting work for TianQi Toyota 8 a - FE engine.

In May 1999, After the American southwest research institute (SWRI) assess.Original company Long-term effective brake fluid, satisfy and exceed the FMVSS DOT3 and DOT4 product specifications;

In October 1999,Original engine oil, gear oil to be recognized as baoding Great Wall automobile group co., LTD., pickup truck factory loading oil and after-sales service;

In November 1999, through the VDS-2 technology certification of the Swedish Volvo (Volvo) company.

In November 1999, the first large open-pit coal mine- pingshuo coal industry company formally choose original antifreeze concentrate as a large import car accessories, replace the imported brand

In December 1999, through the ISO9002 international quality system certification;

In April, 2000, Through general motors (GM) companies in the United States DEXRON - III technology certification;

In May 2000, Through the American allison C - 4 technology certification;

In July 2000, Through the American petroleum institute API SJ and international oil standards and certification committee ILSAC GF - 2 technology certification;

In December 2000, Through QS9000 international quality system certification;


In March 2001, through Volkswagen VW502, 505 Technology certification;

In September 2001, For shenyang aerospace mitsubishi provide form a complete set of oil;

In May 2002.through the technical certification of United States cummins CES - 20076.

In October 2002.through the German BMW (BMW) company for technical certification;

In December 2002.Original becoming foton heavy truck OEM suppliers

In January 2003,Original becoming of dongfeng chaoyang diesel engine factory suppliers;

In February 2003,Original signed with products procurement contract of Beijing automobile manufacturing co., LTD

In March 2003, Original had become a OEM supplier of shenyang xinguang huachen engine co., LTD

In November 2003, Original had become a saic chery auto

In February 2004, Implemented as dandong shuguang OEM suppliers for special car .

In April 2004, Original had become a OEM supplier of saic jinbei auto transmission co., LTD

On July 22, 2005,Original company received by the IATF (international auto task force) issued by the ISO/TS16949:2002 quality management system certification. This is the first domestic enterprises and currently the only get the certification of lube oil enterprises. This symbolized our national domestic lubricant enterprises has been able to break through the conventional and border restrictions, advance the international OEM supporting the supply chain, Have the ability to move towards the world.

On November 25, 2005, Shenyang Original chemical co., LTD and dalian university of technology on formally signed the agreement establishing a "fine chemical multi-functional pilot plant test amplification platform", Is the industry's first with the scale of the huge economic value .


On May 11, 2006, Ceremony of the first PAO synthetic lubricating oil production base of our national Construct by shenyang augie's chemical industry co. LTD is starting. the project director of National development and reform commission, Liaoning province people's political consultative conference, Science association,Shenyang municipal government leaders, Jinbei automobile co., LTD, Shenyang aerospace mitsubishi engine co., LTD, The representative of Aerospace xinguang engine co., LTD, The representative of Dalian university of technology and The military representative, The representative of the industry attend the ceremony.

On August 24, 2007, Drive test of the "green Olympics, Energy saving in advance Original PK Foreign lubricating oil " was held with Original and shenyang communication radio.

Reflect the determination of original as China's national oil brand oath and Foreign lubricating oil . and will to win confidence.

On September 25, 2007, There's Two Chinese Academy of engineering who participate in "high-end talent intelligence, build innovation harmonious city - China hundreds of academicians shenyang line" activities with accompanied city leaders to shenyang come to Original chemical co., LTD, They special discussion with Original chairman of the board of directors of the company Dr Wei Guoping for synthetic lubricating oil is the construction of the nation's largest production base for research and development cooperation. Member of the two senior are experts in China petroleum and chemical field. senior experts, They enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad in the chemical sector, the cooperation project between the two sides can not only greatly reduced the lubricating oil pollution to the ecological environment, at the same time will also indirectly support the national oil saving strategy plan, sustained and healthy development of China's petrochemical industry has very important practical significance, Greatly promote the progress of China's petrochemical industry and scientific research.

On May 8, 2008, Our company and shandong long star group signed a contract of"special wind turbine oil sales ", realizing the zero breakthrough of wind power product sales

On June 11, 2008, Our company research and development center acquire technology qualification of shenyang municipal economic commission. This is a "product quality supervision and testing institute of liaoning province oil product testing the subcontract lab" "national petroleum products supervision and inspection center of lubricating oil products technology research and development cooperation lab" specialization, after another symbol of authority, show that my company has a strong research and development strength, and has achieved the domestic advanced level in the same industry.

on August 29, 2009, they initiate a meeting founding conference Original group company ofThe party branch, Meeting elected the first party committee secretary of the party ZhiWei is Wang Ying and he Lv Li, Liu Yue..

On December 14, 2009, Original was received the first ordera with byd company form a complete set o for 46500 TaiFen brake oil. Declared our company has achieved the national first formal OEM brand for loading brake fluid.

On March 18, 2010, Company sell the first barrel of SM oil for newly established IT sales teams

. This is the first bucket of gold for IT team, is alsoThe first product of direct selling company B2C network, there is a chemical company into a landmark of information marketing.

On April 10, 2010, Original open taobao shop.

On May 29, 2010, original chairman Wei Guoping himself for subordinate original pharmaceutical company marketing general manager wang ying to issue special contribution award, BMW limousine car, and called for group all cadres to wang ying for example, not only diligently, more action, do real contribution for enterprise development and employee rich.

On July 12, 2010-22, shenyang municipal federation of trade unions, my company with shen drum, jinbei, cigarette factory, BMW, the north heavy industry, shenyang chemical industry, shenyang machine tool, DongYao, change especially of shenyang company worker basketball league. Third league good result achieved.

On September 29, 2010, original chemical company ushered in a historic landmark anniversary, original new marketing research and development center. It marks the company at the time of the founded 20 years for the next 10 years of development has laid a solid foundation.


On March 26, 2011, Fushun Original ‘s new factory has been Start construction engineering construction, the first building, To start building for 15 # Raw material warehouse.

On July 14, 2011, after half a year's hard work, there was Begin to test with f 8000 l molecular distillation-catalytic hydrogenation combination technology enlarged experiment device on The Original north factory research and development center.


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